Instruments Lydia played on...

Contemporary theremin tVOX Tour   Lydia has been performing on this instrument since 2001.
The instrument was developed by George Pavlov for Tairiku Co and was manufactured in Russia in 2001-2002.

Etherwave PRO by Moog Music

The last teheremin developed by Bob Moog. Used by Lydia for workshops and presentattions sisnce 2005.
Manufactured by Moog Music Co.

tVOX tour Theremin

bigbriar model 91C
Model 91Aby "Big Briar"
(Robert Moog)
big briar etherwave

Etherwave by "Big Briar"
Developed by Robert Moog.
Now manufactured by Moog Music Co.
Theremin by Anthony Henk

The theremin Lydia played on in 1995-2000.
Developed and built by british
engineer Anthony Henk.

later Lev Termen theremin

Original theremin  built by Lev Termen in the 1970s. Based on electronic tubes.

The instrument is in collection of Lydia Kavina
1983-1984 Lydia played The Orchestra of Electromusical Instruments of Russian TV under Mescherin. The instrument developed by russian engineer Lev Korolev

Lev Korolev's design. Only a pitch antenna. foot controls volume, left hand controls timbre and attack
theremin, built by Viacheslav Frolov

Lydia played this theremin
V. Frolov from 1987 until 1995. It was built by V. Frolov. As the instrument haven't got the volume antenna, it was additionaly equiped with infra-red volume controller, specially designed by George Pavlov.