Lydia Kavina - Repertoire


Original works for theremin (selected)

Thierry Besancon
Nocturne for theremin and piano (2008)
David Sidwell
"Conversation for theremin and Soprano" (2011)
Stefan Lienenkaemper
"Aphorismus" for theremin and Contra Bass (2011)
Joseph Person
"Woo" for theremin solo (1997)
Mark Grant
"Bird of Paradise" (1999)
Fabio Nieder
Der Bilderfres” for theremin and orchestra (2011)
Iris Szeghy
„Neniae“ for Theremin, Flute, Oboe, Clarinette/BassClarinette, Horn, Piano (2010)
Guy Barker
Sounds in Black and White" for jazz orchestra with solo theremin (2009)
Alfred Schnittke
Concerto for Electric Instruments (1960)
Christian Mason
Looking for the land that is nowhere" for theremin and chamber orchestra (2010)
Andrew Popoff
"The Dark Forest" for theremin and orchestra (2012)
Suita for theremin and piano (2012)
Anis Fuleihan
"Fantasy" for theremin and orchestra (1944)
Bernard Herrmann
"The Day the Earth Stood Still"
music for film
Joseph Schillinger "First Airfonic Suite"
for theremin and orchestra (1929)
Joseph Schillinger Mouvement electrique and patetique"
for theremin and piano (1929)
Howard Shore
"Ed Wood' Suite
for theremin and orchestra (2000)
Lera Auerbach
First Symphony (2006),
Chimera For Theremin and Orchestra (2006) 
Olga Neuwirth "Baehlamms Fest"
for Theremin and orchestra. (2000)
Nicolaj Obouchov
for Croix Sonore, soloists and orchestra
Bohuslav Martinu Fantasia
for theremin, string quartet, oboe and piano (1944)
Miklos Rosza "Spelbound Concerto" for theremin and Orchestra) (1945 (also in arrangement for theremin, string quartet, piano and oboe)
John Appleton
"Lydia" for theremin and string quartet (2005)
Sania Drakulic "Waves" for Theremin and string quartet. (2003)
Caspar Johannes Walter
"Vakuum-hallunazionen" for two theremins, violin, and violoncello (2004)
Michael Hirsch
"Rezitativ and arie" for two theremins, percussion, piano, violin and violoncello (2004)
Moritz Eggert "The son of the daughter of Dracula versus the incredible Frankenstein monster" for two theremins, percussion, piano, violin and violoncello (2004)
Edgar Varese "Ecuatorial" for theremin and orchestra (1934)
Vladimir Nicolaev "19 pique" for theremin and string quartet (1999)
"black and white music" for two theremins, percussion, piano, violin and violoncello (2004)
Christion Wulf "Exercise for theremin, violine, C-Bass and French Horn". (2000)
Percy Granger "Free Music #1" for four theremins (1936)
"Free Music #2" for six theremins
"Beatless music" for four theremins
Anatoly Kosselev "Song on Ruins" for theremin and tape (1993)
Jorge Antunes "Mixolydia" for theremin and tape (1995)
Vladimir Komarov "Voice of Theremin" for theremin and tape (1996)
Charles Paul "Palestinian Song and Hora" for theremin and piano (194...)
Tatiana Nazarova-Methner "Vietnam Album" for theremin and orchestra (1983)
Valery Beluntsov "La Fantasie d'Arbat tra i campi della Gubernia Voronez" for theremin and tape (1989)
"The light going out' for theremin and piano
"Selfportry 2" for theremin and organ (1991)
"Reccry 3" for theremin, cello and tape (1996)
Olga Rayeva "The Sketch" for theremin and clarinette (1990)
Malte Ruehman "Die gefiederte Schlange" for theremin and piano (1993)
Jorge Campos "Sequencia" for theremin, tape and trompet (1993)
"Glissandi" for 3 to 6 theremins (1996)
Alexander Reichelson "Six Translations from Villi Melnikov" for theremin and piano (1996)"Rocochord" and "The Round"" for theremin and organ (1999)
Anthony Rovner "The moving in the Air" for theremin and CLarinette (1999)

Ararangements of calssics

"Density 21,5" for theremin solo

Arranged for theremin and piano
E. Elgar
Cello concerto
S. Prokofiev
"Montecchi e Capuleti" from "Romeo and Julia"
A. Khachaturian   
Adagio from "Spartacus"
A. Aliabiev "Nightingail"
C. Debussy "Claire de Lune"
C. Frank "Sonata in a-dur"
A. Dvorac Humoresque
M. Moussorgsky "Pictures at an Exhibition" (fragments)
G. Puccini "Quando me'n vo' soletta" from "La Boheme"
J. Raff "Cavatina"
C. Saint-Saens "The Swan"
C. Saint Saens "The Elephants"
J. Svendsen "Romanze"
P.Tschaikovsky "Valse Santimintale"

Arranged for theremin, voice and piano
J.S.Bach Duet for alt and tenor "Et misericordia"
S.Rachmaninoff "Before my Window"
S.Rachmaninoff "The Storm"

Arranged for theremin and string quartet
A. Dvorak
"Humoresque" (with Oboe)
"Summertime" (with Flute

Arranged for theremin and organ
Messe pour tous les Temps
L.Vierne "Claire de Lune"
L.Vierne "Cortege"
G.Pierne Prelude
J. Alain Petite piece
L.Boellmann Priere a Notre-Dame
M.Dupre Symphonie-passion

 Arranged for theremin and accordeon
Sofia Gubaidulina      
In Croce"
Six Melodies
Olivier Messiaen
Louange a l'Eternite de Jesus
Sergey Prokofiev
Marche from "Love for three oranges"

Theremin solo in theatre music

"The Little Mermaid" ballett by Lera Auerbach and John Neumeier
Copenhagen Opera House (2005),
Hamburg Staatsopera (2007-2013),
Tianqiao Theater, Beijing, China (2012)
Cinderella - A Tragic Tale
ballett by Lera Auerbach
Finnish National Opera
Music by Tom Waits
 Musical by Tom Waits and Robert Wilson
 Thalia Theatre Hamburg (1992)
"Black Rider"
Tom Waits
Theatre Hale Kalk, Koeln, Germany
Music Fred von Hofe
 A theater play (1993)
Thalia Theatre Hamburg, Germany
"Den Ungeborenen Götern"
Music by Kioshi Furukawa
The multimedia opera
Staged in ZKM, Karls Ruhe, Germany
"The Sun in Sand"
by Ralf Gothoni
Opera (1998)
"Baehlams Fest"
Music by Olga Neuwirt

"Music of the Spheres" Audio-visual performance
Optical Theatre of the Roerich Centre Moscow 1993-2008

"To me, the greatest satisfaction comes from discovering still another role for the theremin in each new piece of music. It is not only mysterious playing technique that fascinates me, but the wondrous, expressive sound, the magical color, the limitless range and diversity, the sweeping glissandy."L.K.

                  kavina plays Schilinger: backstage video

Playing Schillinger: backstage video of Lydia from 1996 just apperaed in the Internet

Article in Abend Blatt Hamburg
(in German)
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Lydia in the theatre play by Hotel Pro

Theremin Solo in theatre performance THEREMIN. Production by Hotel Pro Forma