Lydia Kavina and Roman Yusipey:
In a Nick of Time Theremin and Accordion
DistroKid, 2021
XX-XXI century music by O.Messiaen, S.Prokofiev, J.Cage and S.Gubaidulina,
L. Kavina, V. Poleva
Lydia Kavina and Sviatoslav Belonogov: Waves and Strings. Theremin 100
Theremin and Viola d’Amore
Art Service, Smart Audio, 2020
Works by Dowland, Leclair, Huberty, Bulakhov, Jusupova, Kavina, Rosinsky
Lydia Kavina: Spellbound!
Original Works for Theremin
MODE Records
(MODE 199) © 2008
Lydia Kavina: Concerto per Theremin; Live in Italy.
Live recording from the concert in Castelbianco.
© 2000 Teleura (684793000012), Italy.
Lydia Kavina: Music from the Ether, Original Works for Theremin
MODE Records (MODE 76, 1999; remastered in 2005) © 1999, 2005
Contemporary Music for two theremin-players and the “Kammerensemble Neue
Musik Berlin”;
© 2006 WERGO, Schott Music& Media GmbH
Co-Production with DeutschlandFunk
Olga Neuwirth: Baehlamms Fest
Howard Shore, Miklos Rosza, Olga Neuwirth, Christian Wolff, Percy Grainger, Ensemble Sospeso / Conducted by Charles Peltz
Arrangements of classics and original pieces for theremin by L. Kavina
L.Kavina: “The Mirror”; “Transformations”;

”Swamp music”, C.Debussy: ”Claire de Lune”; S.Rachmaninoff: “The River”; S.Rachmaninoff: “Vocalize”; J.Kern: “Smoke gets in your eyes”; A.Alabiev: “The Nightingale”; J.S.Bach: “Air”;
A.Dvorák: “Humoresque”; G.Gershwin:”Summertime”; C.Paul: “Palestinian Song”; C. Paul: “Hora”
Premiere recording of original works for the theremin written in XX century.
Music by Lydia Kavina, Bohuslav Martinu, Percy Grainger, Joseph Schillinger, Jorge Antunes, Vladimir Komarov, Friedrich Wilckens, Isidor Achron

Composition by Russian and German
contemporary composers: Olga Bochihina, Moritz Eggert, Michael Hirsch, Juliane Klein, Vladimir Nikolaev, Iraida Usupova, Nicolaus Richter de Vroe, Caspar Johannes Walter

theater after Leonora Carrington
Composer: OLGA NEUWIRTH (*1968)
Lydia Kavina with Klangforum Wien, conducted by Johannes Kalitzke
© 2003 KAIROS production
2CD 0012342KAI
Selected tracks
  • THEREMIN 100 by The NY Theremin Society, 2020 Lydia Kavina’s composition “In Green”
  • “Time slips away” Compositions for theremin, played by Masami Takeuchi. L. Kavina playes in #7: "A song for two brothers"; Japan, 2001

  • “Meditatio in Variatione” by Servi, 1995; SERVIsound. L. Kavina playes in #9 and #10.

  • “Die gefiederte Schlange” works by Malte Ruehmann, 1996. L.Kavina plays in #1, #2, #4, #11.

  • “Beyond the mirrors” by Adrian Marcator 1996 L.Kavina playes in #4 and #13.

  • “In Town to-night” The Radio Science Orchestra, UK,1997.

  • “Todesmuede” works by Malte Ruehmann, 1998. L.Kavina playes in titles #2 and #15.

  • “The Power of Jeckness” by Humba, 1998; Humba Records 0982. L. Kavina playes in #25.

  • “Tschupun” Schael sick brass band, 1999; ACT 9264-2 L. Kavina playes in #16.

  • “Der Hase im Zug” works by Malte Ruehmann, 1999. L.Kavina plays in #8