• The Electrical Life of Louis Wain by Will Sharpe, music by Arthur Sharpe, UK 2021

  • Zombies from Outer Space by Martin Faltermeier, Germany 2012

  • Mahogany by Jesse Jones, Australia, 2010

  • The Machinist by Brad Anderson, music by Roque Banos, USA-Spain 2004

  • eXistenZ by David Cronenberg, music by Howard Shore, Canada-UK-France, 1998

  • Ed Wood by Tim Burton, music by Howard Shore, USA 1994

  • The Girl with X-ray Eyes by Phillip Warnell, music by V.Nikolaev, UK, 2008

  • Wo ist Erkan Diriduk by Helmut Schulzeck, music by L. Kavina, Germany 1995